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Best Method to Turn off Windows 10 Updates permanently

Get rid of getting windows updates!

Tired of getting windows 10 updates? 

If you have been searching to get rid of annoying windows 10 updates, then you have come to the right place. Well, to be honest, Updates are one of the most irritating things for the user not because it prompts the user to install updates again and again and also they make our operating system slow which causes applications not to work smoothly and has a bad impact on user experience. In this article, I’m gonna walk through the steps to turn off windows 10 updates permanently in easy steps. You just have to follow up my instructions provided in this article.

So let’s begin ……


First Step:

Open the run box by pressing Windows key  + R. After that, type services.msc as shown in the screenshot and press enter key.


Second Step:

A new window will open named as Services. Search for the windows update by scrolling down probably to the end of the list.

turn off windows 10 updates

When found, Open it by double-clicking it. In the startup type under general category, Select Disabled from the drop-down menu. Save changes by clicking apply first then ok.


It’s not done yet! 😀

Hover your mouse to the recovery section and set Take No Action in the First failure section and save changes by clicking apply and ok buttons.


Now restart your computer so it takes effect!
Well, there are many others ways too to stop windows updates but I found this method to be most effective against windows updates.


Hope so you’ll like the article. If you have any problems and confusions, feel free to ask in comments 🙂


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