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Non www to www redirection in Blogger

Redirect your domain from non www version to www

After purchasing a domain from domain providers like GodaddyBluehostHostgator etc, one of the biggest problem which arises is that the website doesn’t open when we write only ( However, it loads quickly when we use www with it like ( Therefore, it is not good as many people don’t type subdomain which is (www) instead of it they write only but if the website doesn’t open then obviously it leads to a decrease in traffic from the world. So today I’m gonna tell you that how to redirect non www to www in a few and easy steps which are as follows:

1. Sign in to the domain provider:

In my case, I bought a domain from Godaddy. Click on the Sign in button, then you’ll be redirected to the dashboard.


2. Go to DNS Setting :

After signing in, under dashboard go to the DNS setting of your domain which is usually named as Manage DNS.


3. Forwarding the domain :

In the DNS Setting, scroll down and find the section named as Forwarding which is usually located at the end of the page. Now you’ll be given two options in Forwarding area.

1. Domain
2. Sub-domain

leave sub-domain option as it is, go to the domain option and add your site with to which you want to forward your non www domain ( Set forward type permanent (301) and in setting set it to forward only and have a check mark on (update my nameservers and DNS settings to support this change)After that click on the save button.

forwarding                      forwarding type

4. Set up 4 A records that point to Google IP’s :

Add a new record with the type A and under host type @ and under points to type the following Google IP’s one by one and repeat the process until all four IP’s are entered.




When done, sign out of your domain provider ( e.g Godaddy).

5. Go to (Last Step) : 

Finally, you are at your last step to set up redirection of non www to www. Go to and open the settings panel. Under settings, open up the basic settings and locate the publishing section. Under publishing where we have our third-party domain setting, click edit as I did in the screenshot and check mark the redirect to and click save. You’re Done! 🙂



If you still have any issues, comment below and I’ll do my best to assist you 🙂 


Sarmad Nadeem

Sarmad is a Blogger, Android developer and a Freelancer who has been working in this field for many years. He'll help and guide you in any issue. Feel free to contact him.


  1. Thanks for sharing such useful information. How do I know my blog is using multiple URL. Can you guide me because I am facing this problem and my blog is not getting traffic…….Help me

    1. Thank you for your response 🙂 Sir analyze your site with Ahref or Moz for accurate results. There you’ll get all the information of your site. Whether there are broken links, redirections etc and much more to help you grow your blog 🙂

    1. It’s working Kitty… As you know no one writes https:// while searching some site on the internet.. they just type the name of the site like instead of writing ! well its working fine whenever someone searches for, they’ll be automatically redirected to the .. But I know what you’re trying to say.. I’ll figure out that soon 🙂 Thanks..

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